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What is OBIS?
Who can join OBIS?
What is the OBIS International Committee?
Who is on the OBIS International Committee?
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What is an OBIS 'Contributor'?
What are the benefits of OBIS?
What is the OBIS Portal?
Who will use OBIS?
Who are the OBIS contributors?
OBIS Data Sources
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What do all the acronyms mean?
Where does OBIS get its data?
What kinds of data is OBIS interested in?
Will OBIS pay me for my dataset?
Who has intellectual property rights to the data?
How will my data be cited/credited in OBIS?
How do I to contribute data to OBIS?
What if I have sensitive data which should not be openly accessible?
If I want to contribute data to the OBIS system, what should I do next?









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